You Lovely Giant

by Baztian

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Baztian - You Lovely Giant

"É música para ouvir na segunda de manhã, antes de ir pro trabalho, puto com a vida. É música para ouvir tarde da noite no sábado, quando você ficou em casa e tem certeza que o mundo inteiro está melhor que você. É a música para ouvir quando quer que tudo se foda, mas no fundo no fundo espera que um dia tudo fique bem." - João Paulo Vicente (Revista Darcy)

"It's monday morning kind of music, that you listen before going work pissed off with your life. It's saturday evening kind of music, that you listen while you stay home feeling all the others are doing better than you. It's a kind of music that you listening when you want everything to fuck off, but deep, deep inside you hope that one day everything will be fine" - John Paul Vicent (Darcy Magazine)


released November 1, 2012

Baztian é:

Alcyr Vergetti no baixo
Caíque Guimarães na guitarra e vocal
Rodolfo Lima na bateria e backing vocals

Gravado e Mixado no Estúdio Popfuzz por Tales Maia
Masterizado no Megafone Estúdio por Eduardo Pinheiro

Arte por Anny Garcia -



all rights reserved


Baztian Maceió, Brazil

Baztian é uma banda indie/emo de Maceió-AL.

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Baztian is a indie/emo band from Brazil.

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Track Name: Drunk Drivers
2.000 awakes from these dreams of
Intoxicated tress around us

Crashing cars are just a part of
Drunk drivers in the night, my love

The car hit through the wall
With nothing else but alcohol

And it made such a beautiful noise
Smashing your heart on the next bar
Track Name: Broken Beer Glasses
Hold on in love
Cause that was so tough
When you said it was not enough
Figure it out
But you had a doubt
About me and you

Can't say it's alright
Times are disturbing our life
But I stand alone
All this could be dead and gone
For now...

Hold on in love
And wait till it's calm
Cause there ain't no other way
Picture it out
And remember
We could have it all

Can't say it's alright
Times are disturbing our life
But I stand alone
All this could be dead and gone
For now...

For now there are just sad feelings
Of broken beer glasses and songs
Track Name: Ghost + Flowers
You're watching now
All the same mistakes
Of the time
Such a powerful thing
I wonder

Just pretend this now
But please remind of
The time
That surrounded us
Flowers beneath the grass

Sounded like a voice
But it was only a breeze
And I wonder why it was happening
I was surrounded by chaotic thoughts
They fill my mind with shit
Something I don't really need now

Than I speak with myself
I swear it was gone
Track Name: Bright Nights
Like an old post-rock song
Playing in my broken player
As I hear it quiet
In a bus sit going home

This feelings made me cry
And still I can't say it, why?
What once put us apart
Is gone and I can finally say it

I stay and wait to see your face
and than I realize that is no wrong or right
All we have is the bright nights

Now at the same old days...
Track Name: I Might Fail Again
I've lived beside
You were hiding out
Of these thoughts of pride
While I was feeling

Happy being on it
Just to see you smiling
Now I've see that you always were on my side
Never letting anything let me down

I've let you down
I've been so far
of these thoughts of trust
I would like to tell you

That I might fail again
And there is a price to pay
But I swear that I'll try
And never let anything let you down